Jack Scalfani’s Many Lies

Jack lies a lot: whether it’s to save face, to position himself as a member of a particular Group and use their status, or even for no particular reason at all. This is an ongoing list where we catalogue them as we find them. However if something Jack says is substantiated independent of Jack, or can be, I will write a correction.

Outright Lies

“I’m a great supporter of local music” Jack on the Go #398: “Nothing Bundt Cake – Hendersonville, TN”.

Although Jack claims this in this episode, there’s zero evidence for this despite having spent close to two years in Nashville. Not once has he mentioned the local music scene in his videos, on his personal facebook page or the one he maintains for his videos. This is related to his spurious claims about being a radio and Nightclub DJ.

“I don’t like/eat at chains or franchises-various videos

Patently, ridiculously false. Innumerable counter-examples. In addition, Jack Jr confirmed on a now-deleted livestream that they eat out at various chain or fast food restaurants every night.

Spurious or Overstated Claims

Origin of Jack’s Sauce – various examples

Jack claims here and elsewhere that the origin of his sauce is that he promised a famous chef to help create and promote a barbecue sauce for them: However, they disappeared and left with several hundred dollars worth of barbecue sauce ingredients that he had bought. The holes in this story are numerous: Why would someone trust Jack, with no food or cooking experience, to create a barbecue sauce? Why would they trust Jack to be able to promote it in LA with his minuscule amount of celebrity? Why did they make him buy the ingredients? Why doesn’t he name this person, and why didn’t he go after them to seek reparations?

A far more likely story is that a con artists saw in Jack’s monstrous ego and pathetic intellect the opportunity to make a lot of money really quickly. They spun a story about creating a barbecue sauce line, strung Jack along and then burned their identity after they had gotten their money.

Career as a radio and nightclub DJ – various videos

An article by the Orange County Register about Jack from 2012 seems to substantiate his claims about being a radio DJ, although nothing else seems to. Information about this supposed radio station are sketchy at best. Nothing supports him being a nightclub DJ, and his general lack of knowledge about music makes this claim overstated at best.