Jack Scalfani’s Atrocious Behaviour

Jack Scalfani is guilty of numerous atrocious acts including multiple documented accounts of child abuse, calling for genocide and constant racism. For further information on these topics please read this.

Jack Scalfani is a child abuser

Jack has readily confessed to his history of domestic violence on multiple occasions. He has admitted to beating and choking his first son Garrett, choking him until his nose bled on one occasion, as well as forcing him into homelessness at age 16. These are only the things he has actually admitted publicly. He has threatened or abused his family (even when they ask him to stop) on numerous occasions in his extensively recorded history available online.

Jack Scalfani follows a man who is a murderer and bigot

Jack is a devout follower of pastor Maury Davis, a convicted murderer who has capitalised on his storied past to make money off of having killed a fellow human being in cold blood. In addition, he is a racist  who chooses to give in to terrorism by fanning the flames of racial hatred. Jack is a strict devotee of this man, and was radicalised to violence, declaring that he wanted to use napalm to commit genocide in the Middle East in a now-deleted video for “Sunday Evening Coffee”.

Jack Scalfani is a racist

Jack is a racist who called for genocide of the Middle East via napalm in a video for youtube channel Sunday Evening Coffee he has since deleted. Jack also exhibits numerous instances of racial aggression: referring to all Hispanic people as “Mexican”, mocking African American soul food culture in addition to complaining and pretending to be chased in an African American neighbourhood, demands his viewers leave comments on his public videos in English or he’ll delete them, repeatedly refers to his Hispanic friends as cleaners and gardeners, made fun of a person of Native American descent wearing his cultural dress as well as asking him to act out horrendous stereotypical Native American behaviour, making vile racist jokes and expecting people to find it funny and transgressivehis son squealed “Ay-yai-yai” at a Hispanic person and Jack did nothing and innumerable other instances.

Jack Scalfani is a misogynist

Jack  makes repeated reference to the fact that as a man he considers things like cooking and cleaning “Women’s work”; as a man, it is surprising that he deigns to cook at all and he even refers to the kitchen as “my wife’s”. Jack makes it clear that he considers long hair on men to be abnormal and not masculine, repeats tired and hateful cliche’s about women ad nauseum, and in addition to his history of domestic violence feels threatened and angry when woman don’t make him the centre of attention. Jack’s deep commitment to gender roles despite the fact that he has been an unemployed stay-at-home dad whose tepid showbiz aspirations in California and Nashville supported by his wife’s full-time job for over a decade.

Jack Scalfani is a homophobe who also admits he has homosexual desires

Jack believes that homosexuality is a choice whilst also admitting that he repress his own homosexual desires. Jack would pass judgement on and restrict the civil rights of LGBTI people as though they were his to decide who gets treated as a human being, in spite of his repressed bicurious tendencies.

Jack Scalfani makes videos that can hurt or kill people who try them

In a now-deleted video, Jack allows a strange man to demonstrate canning your own food in a manner so dangerous Jack had to take the video down after an avalanche of criticism. He recommended keeping the improperly canned food over a period of years and eating it, all but guaranteeing the viewer will contract the deadly botulism toxin. Jack has absolutely no knowledge of food safety, continuously showing his viewers raw, undercooked or cross-contaminated food. He waves knives around like an ill behaved child and injures himself with his unskilled and unsafe knife work. Jack’s dangerous advice and videos are highly likely to make a viewer sick or even kill them outright.

Jack Scalfani thinks he’s a good guy

When asked questions about his opaque and vague business practices on the television programme “West Texas Investors Club”, Jack breaks down and cries whilst saying how he’s the nicest guy on youtube. Despite all the evidence to the contrary and the numerous people he’s made miserable, including his own son, Jack believes himself to be a wonderful man people love being around and responds to any and all criticism by engaging in personal attacks.

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