Cooking with Jack #780: “How To Build a 4X4 Raised Garden Bed – FOOD GARDENING”

Originally uploaded: 30 April 2016

Comments: Enabled

It seems Jack’s erstwhile spouse and son refused to be dragged to the countryside by a dithering manchild this time around. The fewer the merrier, I suppose. Anyway we continue Robert Brewer’s Jack-ification with the this-time-in-all-caps FOOD GARDENING series. Robert Brewer has ingratiated himself less and less to me as the series go on, and whilst it would be uncharitable of me to suggest he’s the kind of horrid American stereotype based off of the little we see of him in the videos it’s becoming harder and harder to let it slide. Since starting his own youtube channel he’s yet to do anything that’s not curate a playlist of the videos on Jack’s channel, no doubt a scheme devised by Jack to deliver Robert a sense agency without cutting into Jack’s precious little monetisation.

Speaking of monetisation this video is a brutal, almost content-free nine minutes. I suppose making your own garden bed would be a nice Sunday afternoon project but brevity and editing never been Jack’s strong suit. Just in case you forgot which nutcase manchild’s channel you’re watching he has to constantly cut back to his grim, haggard mug. I’m frustrated but not surprised that Jack refuses to lift a finger and only likes to make his braying heard mostly from behind the camera.

Again this video speaks to the contemporary mythmaking surrounding farming. Robert Brewer’s personal crusade appears to be the American obsession with lawns, and the apparent of non-utilitarian gardening. He certainly has a point but suggesting subsistence farming is easy or even possible is like many of Jack’s videos fanciful to the point of being harmful. Perhaps not so much as his execrable video on canning that would have killed any number of his viewers had he not deleted it, but dangerous nonetheless.

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