Cooking with Jack #774: “What’s Behind The Mystery Door? – FOOD GARDENING”

This blog is dedicated to spreading the truth about Jack Scalfani, a child abuser and racist who has run up modest celebrity on the internet through his “Cooking with Jack” youtube channel. For a long but by no means exhaustive list of what Jack has done, please see this post.

Originally uploaded: 16 April 2016

Comments: Enabled

So we finally get an answer to the “”””mystery“”””, and all my jokes about some kind of torture evidence dungeon aside the reveal that it’s some kind of beaten up fibreglass tub flooded with red light allayed absolutely zero concerns I had. Jack puts out what I’m assuming was meant to be a drum roll, but sounded more like the Jaws theme, which also didn’t help. At this point his incompetence is immeasurable. I’m not convinced the mathematics checks out, the cost of rearing chicks to adulthood surely outweighs the cost of buying them grown, but then again I don’t live on a farm. I do live in the Australian suburbs, however, where people attempt to have their own chickens with alarming regularity, so I’m potentially more experienced than one might think.

Jack has very little to do with this video, so it’s hard to criticise. I do think it’s a good thing for people to understand where their food comes from, the entire farming, husbandry and eventual slaughter and butchering (I do understand that these chickens are meant for eggs not meat, but they’ll get too old to lay some day). This is something Jack fundamentally disagrees with or at least doesn’t particularly care about so I’m not entirely sure what his raison d’etre is. He continues to use the all caps “FOOD GARDENING” which shockingly has become more and more of a misnomer as the series has continues. Never would’ve guessed that! I do hope Mr Brewer is keeping well and also keeping his family well away from Jack. I do doubt that he knows anything about the danger of having Jack around so I can only hope for the best.

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