Cooking With Jack #773: “Lazy Man’s Pasta Dinner”

This blog is dedicated to spreading the truth about Jack Scalfani, a child abuser and racist who has run up modest celebrity on the internet through his “Cooking with Jack” youtube channel. For a long but by no means exhaustive list of what Jack has done, please see this post.

Originally uploaded: 15 April 2016

Comments: Enabled

Jack, forever waddling far behind the curve, finally bring us the most recent unappetising internet phenomenon. Ripped wholesale from Martha Stewart, as is his wont-most all of his recipes are stolen from somewhere, which does remind me of something. Normally I focus on his child abuse and racism, but his content isn’t even original. Jack’s made an entire… well, not “career” certainly. Racket? Jack’s made an entire racket out of stealing other people’s content with no attribution, and getting mad when people call him out on it. The list of Jack’s incompetencies and undesirable traits grows far too long to list every single time, but I think his blatant content stealing deserves more of my time.

Jack describes this recipe as “rustic” which according to Martha Stewart’s advertising copy (that he hasn’t read, clearly) it might be. Jack positions himself as an authority on these things, when perhaps he should acknowledge that he was doing something popular. Despite his much-vaunted Italian heritage he’s never shown much of an interest or aptitude for Italian cuisine. Oh he knows the absolute basics, red sauce, pasta et cetera, but beyond that he’s as white bread and divorced from his heritage as is possible. And he still doesn’t even really “get” cooking, he buys not one but three packages of basil for the measly handful of leaves that end up going into the dish.

This is another sponsored episode, and I’ll get in touch with Audible in due course. As of now no company has responded to my inquiries into why they continue to sponsor Jack, which is a shame. I guess people want their products associated with domestic violence and racism. Once Jack ends up on the news for committing a violent hate crime I’m sure companies like PBR, Nomiku, Zelite and Slap Ya Mama will finally attempt to distance themselves from him.

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